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Exploring Lake Powell by Boat

A day, a weekend or a weeklong boat rental on Lake Powell affords many opportunities for recreation that can’t be had anywhere else in the U.S. Lake Powell is unique for many reasons, one of which is that it was created by flooding Glen Canyon in 1972. Now part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the 161,000-plus-acre Lake Powell provides recreational opportunities to millions of visitors per year.

Cruise around the lake all afternoon exploring prehistoric rock formations, grottoes, spires and canyons. Steer your boat under a natural bridge and feel the cool, dark shade the rocks provide. You might even catch a glimpse of a beaver, sheep or coyote on shore!

Watersports on Lake Powell

If you and your family or friends are fans of water skiing, wakeboarding or tubing, renting a Mastercraft X10 on Lake Powell is the perfect way to feed your need for speed. Get the adrenaline rush you’ve been missing by being in the office all week and head down to Lake Powell for a day of excitement.

The MasterCraft X10, a sleek, powerful 21-footer built for skiing, wakeboarding and cruising, can fit up to 14 passengers, meaning you can take the whole family, plus a few friends, too. Thrill-seekers will love the wake this hulking craft leaves — you’re guaranteed some serious air.

Water skiing became an Olympic sport the same year Lake Powell was created — celebrate these beginnings by testing your skill, strength and balance while tethered to a MasterCraft X10. If you have kiddos with you or guests who enjoy tamer recreation, switch out the skis for a water tube.

Lake Powell Fishing Opportunities

If your idea of a perfect afternoon includes quiet and relaxation, you will enjoy fishing on Lake Powell. Whether you’re taking your son on his first fishing trip, you’re getting the guys together for the weekend or you’re planning a big family fishing trip, you’ll love the hours you spend in a boat rental on Lake Powell.

Stock your tackle box, rise before dawn and surprise the bass, bluegill, walleye, crappie and catfish. There’s nothing like a laid-back afternoon on the lake, sipping a cold beverage while you wait for a nibble.

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Don’t miss out on these special days on Lake Powell when you have the opportunity to view amazing rock formations that haven’t been seen for nearly 50 years. Book your boat rental today and start planning your fabulous vacation at Lake Powell.
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