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Boat Rentals for Watersports

Is your family into water skiing or wakeboarding? Willard Bay is the perfect spot for these daring pursuits. Practice jumping wakes, doing 180s, 360s and more.

For the tamer (or younger) members of your party, try water tubing. Kids and adults can ride separately or together on the tubes, meaning less waiting for a ride. Turn your tubing pursuits into exciting adventures by speeding up the pace and venturing outside the wake.

Fishing on Willard Bay

Wild and crazy watersports aren’t for everyone. Boat rentals on Willard Bay from Erhardt Recreational are perfect for a day of fishing. Grab your kids, siblings, dad or grandpa and head out early for a day on the water.

Make sure your tackle box is stocked with all your favorite lures and bait, as well as the extra supplies you might need if your line breaks or gets snagged. Pack a lunch and some refreshments to make a whole day of it, and enjoy the sunset as you motor back to the shore.

Relaxing on the Water

Who says you have to do stuff when you get a boat rental on Willard Bay? Get in touch with your lazy side and plan to swim, sunbathe, snooze and snack all day long. It’s the perfect weekend getaway. Or go during the week at a less-busy time (Sh! Don’t tell the boss!).

Whatever you decide to do with your boat rental on Willard Bay, at Erhardt Recreational, we know you’ll enjoy it. We’re in the business of boat rentals because we love boating so much that we want to spread the love around so more people can participate in this fabulous hobby.
Enjoy the beauty of nature on Willard Bay with a boat rental from Erhardt Recreational.
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